Jasmin Anoschkin

Design dressed koala and giraffe (2015), ceramics, photo Jefunne Gimpel

In her ceramic sculptures, Jasmin Anoschkin emphasizes the most awkward characteristics of the man-made animal image, the disproportionate scale and the colour palette detached from reality.  In doing so, she laughs at stereotypes, taking the step that the toy industry is afraid to take. She bravely leaps over standardizing reductions, effortlessly bypassing Barbie aesthetics. At the same time, Anoschkin reminds us that estrangement also lives within ourselves; we can never completely know ourselves, but identification teaches us to also understand ourselves and our prejudices.

In addition to ceramics, Anoschkin creates wood sculptures. She also draws and makes video art. The same themes are repeated throughout her versatile oeuvre.

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