Kim Somervuori

Kim Somervuori is a visual artist utilizing a wide variety of materials. He is a material romantic who finds beauty in the well-worn and old, lost and found. He is skilful at drawing, and paper is one of his main materials. However, he is at his best when painting; his paintings on canvas are fully-fledged artworks with surprisingly vivid colours and a variety of surface textures.

Somervuori draws from modernist art history with sincere admiration, but adapting his influences to the contemporary age. The world of his paintings and drawings is uniform, but the collages and installations are stylistically different. While the paintings and drawings have the presence of art history, particularly of the 20th century, the bricolages are more informed by street art. In all of the above, there is the presence of the interested observer, who also attaches to his stories snippets of literature, music and popular culture phenomena.

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