Veera Kulju

Popcorn bowl (2017), Vitro porcelain, popcorn, glaze, 35 x 23 cm

Veera Kulju builds small jewel-like pieces from clay. She combines them to create artworks where the central focus is their abundant fragility, casting an ambiance of agelessness and timelessness.

The fairytale-like wall mirror reliefs could be found in Snow White’s stepmother’s dressing room. In reality, they don’t reflect, but rather imbibe the light.

Kulju’s artworks have conceptual levels born through materials. Yet, her aim is to make viewing them physically experiential. Kulju manages to convey the feel of her artworks through their materiality and idiom. The differences between the matte and the glossy, the sharp and the smooth, and the warm and the cold can be felt in your fingertips.

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition