Wallensköld paints with purpose. The paint finish changes from a light, single coat to a surface with multiple coats and a smooth finish. The temperament of the paintings also varies from expressive to very calm and serene. Regardless of the result of the painting, Wallensköld is able to create an atmosphere in his works that has an empowering effect. The people in the works do not represent the physicality of stereotypes, but still demand attention. It is important to be seen.

Wallensköld’s exhibitions can be seen this summer in both our Helsinki and Mänttä galleries.

The exhibition in Mänttä is open 14.6.-18.8.2024 every day 13-19, including Midsummer. The gallery is located in Mänttä city centre, Kauppakatu 25, Mänttä.

Photos of the Helsinki exhibition

Catalog Helsinki / Mänttä

Kirjailija (1.) / Writer (1.), oil on canvas, 178 x 131 cm, 2021