Niinku retrospektiivi

Eetu Kevarinmäki doesn’t use a pencil, bronze or even a camera – he works with his laptop and mobile phone. His material is the internet. It is a mine with an endless amount of content. The internet’s never-ending stream of images provides the themes for both his paintbrush works and image captures.

At times, his gaze turns away from the internet. Even then, Kevarinmäki looks around him through the lens of a mobile phone. He doesn’t photograph images but rather scans them. This act entails a philosophical difference. We have already learned that a photograph does not reproduce reality, but interprets it. But one can still think of scanning as representing an almost objective image.

The exhibition features mainly recent works, but also some important earlier series. Although the creation process is an important part of the content of the artworks, they also deal with current topics, from climate change via police brutality to economic restructuring.